Configuring and Managing BE4000

Overview of the BE4000 deployment

Initial Portal Setup

Create an Extension

CDR Call Records

Adding Customer Admins

System Restore

Reset One-time Password

Setup Night Service

Portal Introduction

Using the Selfcare Portal

Troubleshooting via Portal

Creating a Shared Line

Create a Huntgroup

Modifying Stations

CLI Status Menu Options

Port Check Tool

KEMs Explained

Telephony Services via CLI

Single Number Reach Explained

Setup Auto Attendant

Configuring Stations

IP Phones with BE4000

Register a Phone

Mute Audio

Park a Call

Listen to Voicemail

Delete a Button

Add another person to a call

Configure Speed Dial

Set a Ringtone

View Recent Calls

Retrieve a Parked Call

Transfer a Call

Answer Calls

Adjust Font Size

Place an Intercom Call

Place a Call

Add a BLF Speed Dial Button

Put a Call on Hold

Adjust Screen Brightness

Forward All Calls

Adjust Volumes

Page All Phones