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Introduction to Cisco Business Edition 4000

Cisco Business Edition 4000 (BE4000) is a dedicated voice appliance that provides essential IP telephony and voicemail services for up to 200 phones. BE4000 comprises of a BE4000 appliance that is installed in the customer premises and the Cisco Business Edition 4000 Management cloud portal that manages the phone configurations.

A Cisco partner can preconfigure the customer network information in the Cisco Business Edition 4000 Management portal even before the BE4000 appliance is shipped to the customer site. After the BE4000 appliance is shipped and installed on the customer premises, it automatically pulls the preconfigured network information from the portal. Thus deployment is made easy and phone systems are set up quickly.

BE4000 supports the Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series, Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series, and Cisco ATA 190 Analog Telephone Adapter. For the list of supported phones, see Supported Phones.

You can connect to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) by inserting the Cisco Network Interface Modules (NIM). For the list of supported NIM cards, see Supported Line Cards.

The following portals are available as part of the Cisco Business Edition 4000:

The Cisco Planning, Design & Implementation (PDI) Technical Advisor (TA) team is available to help you with the BE4000. For more details, or to open a case with PDI TA, go to

For the latest features and enhancements available in the BE4000, see Release Notes.

Cisco Business Edition 4000 Workflow

The following illustration outlines the high-level tasks that you perform to add and manage customer sites:

Figure 1. BE4000 Workflow