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SIP Trunk Support

As part of the End of Life strategy onboarding new SIP Trunk providers is no longer possible (new templates are no longer getting created).
The majority of SIP trunk providers can be configured using one of the existing provider templates or using the ‘Custom’ option.

If none of these options is working for your SIP provider, you can request that your BE4000 be released from the BE4000 portal which will allow for local unrestricted configuration using the CLI. For this option please carefully read the “End of Life Communications” section and then visit the “Appliance Release Request” section.


If you require minor modifications to an existing SIP trunk that cannot be resolved through the portal and deleting the existing trunk and adding a new one has not been successful, please raise a support case with TAC and the case will be assessed for support eligibility.

Technical Support (Cisco TAC)

If you’re facing a technical issue that could not be solved with the available documentation, please contact our technical support team by opening a case here.

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