RMA and replace devices

Replace a Faulty BE4000 Appliance

BE4000 supports Return Material Authorization (RMA), wherein you can replace a faulty BE4000 appliance with a new one. The configurations of the faulty appliance can be restored onto the new one.If the faulty appliance is online, you can take the backup of the configurations before flagging the appliance for RMA. If the faulty appliance is offline, you cannot take the backup of before flagging for RMA. However, if the appliance had any existing backups, you can select it while deploying the replacement appliance.

Table 2 RMA—Task Flow
Step Task Purpose Prerequisite
Step 1 Flag the faulty appliance for RMA Flag the customer site for RMA so that the faulty appliance can be replaced with the new appliance.
Step 2 Deploy the RMAReplacement Appliance Deploy the new appliance received for RMA with the same site configurations as it was on the faulty appliance.
  • Have the serial number of the new appliance
  • If you had line cards on faulty appliance, ensure that the same (or same type) line cards are inserted.

Flag the Faulty BE4000 Appliance for RMA


Step 1 Log in to be4000.cisco.com.
Step 2 Click RMA Device corresponding to the desired site from the Actions menu.
Step 3 Click Backup the system now if your appliance is in the Online state.
Step 4 Click Save. The site is flaged as RMA and the phone system associated with the site goes down.

Deploy the RMA Replacement BE4000 Appliance

Before You Begin

  • Have the serial number of the RMA replacement appliance
  • If you had line cards on faulty appliance, ensure that the same (or same type) line cards are inserted



Step 1 Log in to be4000.cisco.com/​deploy or use a QR scanner application on your smart phone to scan the QR code on the underside of the product.
Step 2 Enter the serial number of the new appliance, if prompted.
Step 3 Select the customer and site from the drop-down lists.
Step 4 Select the backup from the Restore from backup drop-down list.
Step 5 Verify Network Interface Module (NIM) cards, if necessary, are inserted in appropriate slots, cable are connections and BE4000 is powered ON.
Step 6 Click Deploy Configuration.

Replacing a Phone

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