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Transfer an inbound caller to an external PSTN number via AA

There currently isn’t a drop-down option to transfer an inbound caller directly to an external PSTN number, however there is a way to configure it by selecting the pilot number option and making use of a call forward or using single number reach.


First you will want to set up an external PSTN number on either call forwarding or single number reach.

Option 1: Call Forward All

Manage Site > Manage Extensions > Manage Extension > Call Forward

  • Enter your external PSTN number in the Call Forward All field – this will forward all calls to this internal extension to this number.

Option 2: Single Number Reach

Manage Site > Manage Extensions > Manage Extension > Single Number Reach

  • Enter your external PSTN number in the Single Number Reach field – this feature allows for users to answer their calls on a remote destination, such as a PSTN number.

Setting up the Auto Attendant

Step 1: Now that you’ve got a way to transfer an internal number to an external PSTN, you can set this up in your Auto Attendant (Manage Site > Manage Auto Attendant > Open/Close Menu)

Step 2: Click + to Add a menu option and choose an input digit and select Pilot Number from the drop-down.

Step 3: Enter the internal extension that you have configured with either Call Forward All or Single Number Reach.

Step 4: Click next and apply the changes.

The calls should now transfer an inbound caller to the external PSTN number you have assigned.

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