Cisco Business Edition 4000


Managing a SIP Trunk

SIP Trunk can be configured on the BE4000 during the initial deployment. However, in case, if the SIP Trunk is not added during the initial deployment, it can be added…

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An intercom call is a dedicated two-way audio path between two intercom lines. BE4000 supports intercom functionality for one-way and press-to-answer voice connections using a dedicated pair of intercom directory…

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Paging provides one-way voice path to the phones that have been designated to receive paging. The paged phone automatically answers the page in speakerphone mode with “Mute” activated. By default,…

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Setup Dial Plan

Step 1: Choose the country and locale that you want for your system. Step 2: Select the option for local dialing as per customer requirement. The local area length value…

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Setup System Settings

NOTE: Choose unique digits for dialing an outside line, sending a call to voicemail automatically, and dialing an intercom extension. Step 1: Choose a digit to make a call to an…

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