Cisco Business Edition 4000


Pre-Staging the BE4000

It is not normally necessary and we do not recommend that you pre-stage the BE4000. If you do want to pre-stage the BE4000, you must fully simulate the customer’s network…

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Wireless LAN Network Requirements

A BE4000 customer site requires Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) configurations for provisioning the wireless IP phones. We recommend that a Cisco certified partner with advanced wireless LAN specialization performs…

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SIP Trunk Connectivity

The BE4000 also allows calling via IP trunks to service providers using SIP. Note: SIP Trunk supports up to 100 sessions A variety of options are provided that allow services…

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PSTN Connectivity

Using up to two of the network interface modules in the BE4000, you can directly connect to your PSTN provider using analog or digital trunks. BE4000 supports the following trunk types: FXO/DID…

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Remote Users

Remote users are supported either via VPN or direct connection, if they have directed routed access to the BE4000. Note The BE4000 does not include a VPN server. The BE4000 proxies the media. Phones only…

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Single-Site Deployment

BE4000 supports one appliance per site, with up to 200 device registrations (a phone is 1 registration; an ATA acts as 2 devices and so uses 2 device registrations). It is…

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