Cisco Business Edition 4000


Inbound Call Blocking

Inbound call blocking helps you in blocking calls from telemarketers. A Cisco Partner or Customer Administrator can add a list of numbers from which the calls are blocked. When an…

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Privacy and Privacy Button

Note: Privacy and Privacy Button features must be enabled on shared lines only. Privacy Privacy feature blocks other users in the same shared line from viewing or handling any activities…

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Private IP Address Ranges

IP addresses used for provisioning the phones must be allowed in RFC 1918 ( /16, /12, /16). If the IP address that is used for provisioning phone is…

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Task Log

You can view the history of all the tasks that are performed on a BE4000 site in the past 62 days. By default, the portal shows the tasks that are performed from…

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Configuration Templates

You can save the information that you entered in the Setup Assistant wizard as a configuration template and reuse it while creating other BE4000 sites for the same customer with similar configurations.…

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