Cisco Business Edition 4000

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Set up Region Settings

Step 1: Choose your home country. This is used to display the date, time, currency, and other dial plan tones and numbers.

Step 2: Choose your relevant time zone. Typically, your time zone is linked to the area code of your main company number. For example, for area code 919 (RTP), the time zone defaults to Pacific Time.

Step 3: Choose your phone display language as the default language used for all accounts and notifications from the drop-down list.

Step 4: Select the country to define dial tone for your phones.

Step 5: Select the language in which you want to receive your phone greetings.

Step 6: Select the language preference for your customers self care portal.

Step 7: Select the time format as 12-or 24 hour. For example, the default format for the United States is 12 hours.

Step 8: Select the date format to suit your needs. For example, the default format for the United States is MM/DD/YY.

Step 9: Enables or disables the automatic adjustment of daylight saving time on your phones.

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