Cisco Business Edition 4000 – End of Life – Communications

End of Life Appliance Release

The BE4000 Solution is now End of Life and all remaining appliances that were on-line on 31 May 2023 have been released for local management.
Appliances that were successfully released will display a local login message with instructions of how to request your password.

Appliance Release

Please note the following:

  1. The appliance has been released from the BE4000 portal and can now be managed locally.
  2. The configuration of the appliance was changed however the call control functionality has not been altered.
  3. A new local account was setup for the partner or customer to use for SSH/Console access.
  4. Confirmation and testing of a successful appliance release will be required to avoid any unexpected issues. Exceptionally, we may need to work with a technically proficient contact on site to verify the appliance release.

If your appliance was released successfully, you will be able to access the router locally using the console or SSH client (such as PuTTY), where you will be provided with details for how to receive your username and password.

Please see the following documentation for managing your router and voicemail going forward.
Communications Manager Express
Cisco Unity Express

Accessing Unity Express after release

Once you have access to the router, you can update the configuration for Unity Express with a new set of admin credentials as follows:

From the IOS exec command prompt, access Unity Express via the internal virtual console using the following command:

virtual-service connect name CUE console

You can add a new user (customer in this example) as follows:

username customer create
username customer password *******
username customer group Administrators

It is also recommended that you remove the current backup target from Unity Express using the following commands:

conf t
no backup server

This guide provides guidance on how to add a new, local backup server if required.

To exit from the Unity Express virtual console hold control and press ‘c’ three times.

Administration Usernames

Once you have access to your BE4000 router, please check all exisiting administrator usernames. Those that are no longer required should be removed using the following command.

conf t
no username <username>

You should also change the password that was provided on release to one that meets your business requirements. For example:

conf t
username bobby privilege 15 secret MySecretPassword!

Always remember to save your configuration by using the following command.

copy run start