Private Line Automatic Ringdown

BE4000 supports configuring Private Line Automatic Ringdown (PLAR) on FXS ports available on the NIM cards. PLAR is also known as “Automatic Ringdown”.

PLAR creates a dedicated connection with between two phones. When a phone configured with PLAR goes off-hook, the destination phone rings automatically without dialing any number.

You can configure PLAR while adding or modifying Line cards containing FXS ports.

Note: PLAR is not supported on Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) FXS ports.

Configure Private Line Automatic Ringdown

Before you begin

Line Card (NIM) with FXS port is inserted into the BE4000 appliance.


Step 1: Log in to the BE4000 portal.

Step 2: Click Manage Site > Line Cards (NIM) corresponding to the desired site.

Step 3: Click Add NIM Card if you are adding line card for the first time or Edit Configuration if you are modifying the existing line card configuration.

If you are adding line card for the first time, add DID numbers (except for FXO numbers).

Step 4: Click the Line corresponding to which you wish to configure Private Line Automatic Ringdown (PLAR).

Step 5: Choose Automatic Ringdown from the Type drop-down list.

Step 6: Enter a text in the Label field which makes you easy to identify the line.

Step 7: Enter an extension that is associated with the PLAR line in the Extension field.

Step 8: Enter an extension in the Destination field. The extension that is configured here rings automatically when the phone configured with PLAR goes off-hook.

Step 9: Choose an option from the Law drop-down list based on your network preferences.

Step 10: Save the configurations.