Managing the Deployment

You can change the settings of your BE4000 appliance after deployment.

Step 1: Select a deployed customer site and click the dotted lines next in the Actions column.

Step 2: Click Manage Sites to display the configuration summary and editing options.

You can edit the following and then save the changes:

  • Auto Attendant – Modify auto attendant settings
  • Business Hours – Modify open and closed hours
  • Extensions – Modify or delete extensions numbers
  • Direct Inward Dial Numbers – Add, edit or delete the Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers
  • Group Mailbox – Create group mailbox for various departments
  • Hunt Groups – Modify hunt groups
  • Line Cards – Change line card settings
  • Night Service – Enable or disable night service
  • Personal Mailbox – Create personal mailbox for users
  • Phones – Add or delete phones

Step 3: Save the changes.