BE4000 mandates its customers to update their smart license token in the cloud portal. You can get the smart license token from the Cisco Smart Software License (CSSM) portal. For more information on getting the smart license token from CSSM, see Smart Licensing Guide.

Adding smart license token is optional during the initial site deployment (in the Setup Assistant). If you do not have smart license token during the initial deployment, BE4000 enters the evaluation mode. You can configure the BE4000 in the evaluation mode for 90 days. Before the evaluation period is completed, you must enter the smart license token in the BE4000 cloud portal.

Cisco Partners and Customer Administrators can view the status of the smart license account and also update the smart license token under Manage Site > Settings > Licensing.

The following table shows the various registration statuses and its associated description:

Smart Account Status

License Status




You have valid license.


Out of Compliance

You are using more number of licenses than purchased.


Authorization Expired

After you are registered and authorized, BE4000automatically renews the authorization for every 30 days. If the BE4000 is unable to reach the CSSM for 90 days, then you see “Authorization Expired” state.


Evaluation Mode

You do not have smart license token or you have entered an invalid smart license token.


Evaluation Expired

Your evaluation period of 90 days is completed.

Add Smart License Token

You can associate the site with the Cisco Smart Account by providing the smart license token. The Smart License Token field is a placeholder for entering the smart license token ID. Currently, the BE4000 does not register to the Cisco Smart Account. If you enter a smart license token ID, we recommend setting a validity date of at least 180 days when the token is created.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have noted down the smart license token provided by Cisco.


Step 1: Log in to the BE4000 portal.

Step 2: Click Manage Site from Actions menu for the desired site on the dashboard.

Step 3: Click Settings > Licensing.

Step 4: Enter the smart license token ID received from Cisco in the Smart License Token field.

Step 5: Click Save.