An intercom call is a dedicated two-way audio path between two intercom lines. BE4000 supports intercom functionality for one-way and press-to-answer voice connections using a dedicated pair of intercom directory numbers on two phones.

BE4000 creates an intercom line for all the extensions by default. A digit is configured as intercom prefix by the Cisco partner while configuring the BE4000 site. You can place an intercom call by dialing the intercom prefix and the extension. When an intercom call is placed, one-way audio is established. Once the called number answers the intercom call by pressing the line key, the call becomes two-way audio.

When an intercom line is deleted, you can add it back using the Type drop-down list under Manage Site > Phones > Modify Phone > Buttons page.

For details on how to place an intercom call, see End-User Guides.