Delete or reset a customer site

Delete a Customer Site

  • When you delete a site from the portal, all information related to that site is deleted from the portal. If this is the customer’s only site, all customer information is deleted from the portal.
  • If the BE4000 is deployed and online when a site is deleted, the BE4000 is reset to factory defaults and stops functioning. Phone calls can no longer be made or received.
  • If a deployed site is offline when it is deleted, then BE4000 must be manually reset to factory default condition before it can connect to the portal again.


Step 1: Select a site from the partner portal.

Step 2: Right-click and click Delete Site.

Step 3: Click OK to confirm deletion.

Manually Reset to Factory Default

To perform a factory reset manually, the local administration portal allows you to access the BE4000 appliance and perform a factory reset.

NOTE: When the partner administrator performs a Delete Site on the BE4000 portal, the BE4000 is automatically reset to factory defaults, and a manual reset is not required.

If a manual factory reset is desired, perform it only after deleting the site from the BE4000 portal. If the factory reset was performed before deleting a site, you must reload (power cycle) the appliance after deleting the site from BE4000 portal and before it is deployed again.

Console Based Factory Reset


Step 1: Connect through RJ45 or USB console cable.

Step 2: Log in with the username “status”. Password is not required.

Step 3: Type R and press Enter to start the reset process.

Ethernet Based Factory Reset


Step 1: Connect your computer back to back to MGMT port (use a normal Cat5e or Cat6 cable).

Step 2: Use SSH client to connect to the BE4000 using either the MGMT IP Address ( or Host Name (status@be4000).

Step 3: Log in with username status. No password is required.

Step 4: Type h to see the available options.

Step 5: To reset the appliance, typeRto start the process.