Pre-Staging the BE4000

It is not normally necessary and we do not recommend that you pre-stage the BE4000. If you do want to pre-stage the BE4000, you must fully simulate the customer’s network environment including internal and external IP addresses because certain system parameters cannot be modified after they have been initially configured.


The IP address of the BE4000 and certain other parameters cannot be changed after the BE4000 has been initially configured. If you need to change any of these values, you must follow the directions to factory reset your appliance and start a new deployment. If you need to do this, remember that you can save template configurations to avoid typing everything in a second time.

IP Networks—The following IP Networks are not supported:

  • 10.0.1.x/24

  • 10.0.2.x/24

  • 10.0.3.x/24

  • 10.1.1.x/24

  • 10.1.2.x/24

  • 10.1.3.x/24

  • 10.2.x.x/16

  • 10.3.x.x/16