Verifying the PVDM

There is only one PVDM slot on the motherboard. The Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) cards can not use the motherboard PVDMs. Dependent upon the number of channels required, the appropriate DSP module is installed on the NIM. For IP services such as to transcode and conference, the PVDM4 DSP module can be installed on the motherboard of the BE4000.

There are two places where PVDM4 DSPs are installed. For TDM services, the DSP is installed on the T1/E1 NIM. Since the NIMs support online insertion and removal (OIR) they can be removed without powering down the BE4000 device, and the DSPs on the NIM can be removed. However, the router must be shut down in order to insert or remove a PVDM4 on the motherboard. Follow this schematic representation in order to install the PVDM4 on NIM.