Setup System Settings

NOTE: Choose unique digits for dialing an outside line, sending a call to voicemail automatically, and dialing an intercom extension.

Step 1: Choose a digit to make a call to an outside phone number. You can set any digit between 0 to 6, 8, and 9. You cannot set * and 7. Default is 9. Users should dial this digit before dialing an external phone number.

Step 2: Choose the total number of digits in an extension. You can set your extension to contain 3, 4, or 5 digits. Default is 4.

Step 3: Choose the number of seconds to wait after each digit is entered, before assuming the caller has finished entering digits. Range is from 0 to 9. Default is 5.

Step 4: Choose a digit to dial for sending a call to voicemail automatically. Range is from 1 to 6. Default is 2.

Step 5: Choose a digit to dial for making an intercom call. Range is from 1 to 6. Default is 4.


  • Choose to enable or disable forwarding local from the “Forwarding Local” drop-down list. This decides if internal (local) calls can be forwarded.
  • Set the phone redirect limit by entering a value in the “Phone Redirect Limit” field. Limits the maximum number of 3XX responses that can be accepted for a single call. Range is from 5 to 20. By default, 5 is entered.
  • Check the “Demo” check box. This enables and configures the NIM switch module in NIM slot 1. This converts the BE4000 into a demo box that does not require an external switch.