Setup Direct Dial Numbers

Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers are the registered numbers received from your service provider. Add the DID numbers for the SIP and ISDN (PRI and BRI) connections. Do not add FXO line numbers here. The FXO line numbers can be added while adding Line Cards (NIM) details.

DID numbers can be added in two ways:

  • Click “Add Row” and add the DID numbers and service name one by one.

  • Download the template provided on the screen. Fill in the details and upload all the DIDs in one go.


  • DID numbers must be entered in E.164 format. A minimum of 10 digits is required for the DID number. For example: +14155552671

  • Only up to 98 DID numbers are supported for SIP trunks and 98 DID numbers for ISDN trunks (PRI and BRI).


You have a few options here:

Option 1: Click ‘Add Row’ to add DID numbers manually.

Option 2: Click ‘Download Template’ to download a template form that you can fill in. Once filled in you can upload the file containing the DID numbers by clicking ‘Choose file’.

If the list has already been populated by either Option 1 or Option 2, you can select ‘Replace this list’ to remove all rows to start again.