Setting up Night Service

Night service allows you to transfer the incoming calls to a designated set of extensions during closed hours. During the night service hours (also known as closed hours), calls coming in to the designated extension, known as night service extensions, sends a special “burst” ring to night-service phones (phones that receive the calls coming from the night service extension) that have been specified to receive the special ring. Phone users at the night-service phones can then answer the incoming calls for the night-service extensions.

NOTE: You can configure only one night-service phone per night-service extension.

Step 1: Enter a code to trigger Night Service feature manually during open business hours. The code must start with * followed by at least 4 numbers, and a maximum of 16 numbers. Default value is *1234.

Step 2: Enter the hours during which the Night Service must be active.

You cannot overlap the end time of Night Service and the start of business open hours. For example, if your business closes at 17:00 and opens next day at 09:00AM, enter the Night Service hours as 17:00 and 08:59. You cannot enter 09:00 as it overlaps with the open business hours. Night service hours must be entered in 24-hour time format.

NOTE: After enabling night service, you must configure the extensions for night service hours in order to receive night service calls.