Configuration Templates

You can save the information that you entered in the Setup Assistant wizard as a configuration template and reuse it while creating other BE4000 sites for the same customer with similar configurations. This avoids entering the configuration details in the Setup Assistant wizard all over again.

You can create configuration templates at both Partner level and Customer level. The Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not saved as part of the configuration template. The template that is saved at Partner level has limited data compared to that at a customer level.

A customer level configuration template saves all the information that is entered in the Setup Assistant wizard except for the “External Public IP address”.

A Partner level configuration template does not save the following information that is entered in the Setup Assistant wizard:

  • SMTP Details
  • Station Details
  • Auto Attendant Audio files (When a saved template is loaded, Auto Attendant is loaded with the default prompts)
  • Music On Hold Audio files
  • Direct Inward Dial Numbers
  • Member list in the Hunt Group
  • Auto Attendant Drop Through Destination
  • Inbound Call Mapping Details
  • Outbound Call Mapping Details
  • System Operator Details
  • Paging Groups

Create a Configuration Template from an Existing BE4000 Site

You can create a configuration template from an existing site that is deployed and is in the “Online” state.


Step 1: Click Create Template from the Actions menu corresponding to the desired site.

You are directed to the “Connectivity” page of the Setup Assistant wizard.

Step 2: Edit the details on the pages if necessary.

Step 3: Click Save as Template.

Step 4: Choose Cisco Partner or customer name from Template Level drop-down list.

Step 5: Choose “New” or an existing template from the Apply to Template drop-down list.

Step 6: Enter a name for the template in the Template Name field.

Step 7: Enter a description in the Description field.

Step 8: Click Save.