Adding a new customer site

Use the Setup Assistant wizard in the Cisco Business Edition 4000 Management Portal to create your new customer site. You can view and manage multiple customers. Here, each customer is equivalent to a single BE4000 appliance. Each site has a BE4000 that is configured with features for users connecting through that site.

Step 1: Click Add Customer on the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Step 2: Click Get Started to start creating a customer site.

Step 3: Enter the customer and location details on the Add Customer page.

You can manually enter the customer details to create a site or select a template. Selecting the template auto populates the network information and other site details based on the template.

Step 4: Enter the LAN Network Connection, Direct Dial Numbers, SIP Trunks, and Line Card information collected from the customer on the Connectivity page.

Step 5: Enter the Region SettingsSystem Settings, and Dial Plans information collected from the customer on the Dial Plan page.

Step 6: Enter the details of the users, extensions, and other calling features on the Stations page.

You can manually enter the details by adding rows or upload your spreadsheet (based on the template) containing the user details.

Step 7: Create Hunt Groups, Auto Attendant, and so on, based on customer requirements on the Call Routing page.

Step 8: Upload an audio file for Music On Hold, create paging groups, and so on, based on the customer requirements on the Features page.

Step 9: Click Yes if you want to apply the entered BE4000 configuration changes for your site. Else, click No to continue with editing the setup assistant configurations.

Once you are done with the setup assistant, you are ready to deploy the site you created.

Note: If you terminate the Setup Assistant wizard after adding customer details before completing the configurations, the customer site is created and listed in the dashboard. You can edit the configurations later.