Cisco Business Edition 4000

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Configure Intersite Dialing

Before you begin

Ensure that you have read the architecture and design considerations that are required for configuring Intersite Dialing

A minimum of two BE4000 sites in the “Online” state.


Step 1

Log in to the BE4000 portal.

Step 2

Hover the mouse on the row containing desired customer name and click Intersite Dialing.

Step 3

Click Mesh Topology.

Step 4

Move the slider to enable Mesh topology.

Step 5

Check the Enable check box corresponding to the desired site and enter a two-digit identification number for the site in the Site ID field.

Calls between the sites are routed based on the identification number that is entered here.

Step 6

Enter the maximum number of concurrent outbound intersite calls that can be made from the site in the Max Calls field.

Step 7

Click Save.



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